A doctor does not prescribe the same pill to everyone

First you are checked and asked a series of questions, your situation is examined.  Then, and only then, will you get the right pill, if you are given any pill at all.  Maybe it is just some changes to the way you are doing things!

We find that business growth issues can be with strategic direction, marketing, product commercialisation, sales performance and organisational structure to name a few. 

That is why our first step is to assess your current situation to give you a baseline, ensuring any investment is targeted at your specific issues.  E3 Group will work collaboratively with you and your management team to ensure we understand your current direct sales and or channel sales performance and desired growth requirements. We will quickly assess your current situation to advise you on the core issues impacting results.  Then through an agreed plan, we will equip your team with the skills, processes and tools needed to deliver sustainable growth. We work with you up to the point where you can take it to the next level.

Strategic Business Development Consulting

Sales Management

Whatever your revenue strategy is, it will revolve around selling. The owner of implementing that is your sales management team.  They are critical, success or failure is in their hands.  The people, processes and tools that link you to your customer are all in the sales team.  Selecting and retaining talent, coaching desired behaviours, driving performance and managing the business are core responsibilities of your sales managers.


Our workshop provides sales management with the practical guidelines and frameworks to drive sales strategy, implement the processes and manage desired behaviour to achieve sales performance.

Our success is dependent on your success in achieving improved sales performance. ​

If you have, or are planning to have an indirect channel strategy it is essential that your organisation is equipped with highly effective Partner Planning tools and methodology. Processes that enable you to select effective partners who have shared business values, expectations, responsibilities and fair rewards for effort. Where both parties are openly communicating in a trusting pro-active relationship. Without this, significant unrecoverable costs and time will be lost and the partnership strategy may fail.

E3 Group’s partner planning workshops and consultation address:

  • Strategic channel strategy assessment and development

  • Partner planning, engagement & management processes


Enabling your channel sales team's and organisational capabilities to be “Partner Centric” and highly effective to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Channel and Partner Planning Management

Facilitated Workshops

Our range of training workshops are specialised in the following areas:

  • Account Management for retention, increased coverage and new opportunities in existing accounts.

  • Sales Opportunity Management to increase forecast accuracy and win rate

  • Channel and partner planning and management

  • Sales Management – tools and discipline to drive results and achieve the desired sales behaviours

  • Business Acumen for Sales and Service Delivery Teams

  • Go-to-Market strategic planning

  • Basic sales skills and tools

  • Complex enterprise level selling

  • Presentation skills

Business Acumen for Sales & Service Delivery Teams

This workshop is for managers that want their sales and service delivery teams to have an enhanced understanding of Business Acumen and how to apply this knowledge to support profitability and participant confidence to have broader conversations with your customer’s senior management to build stronger business relationships


Our workshop engages participants in business processes, performance metrics, objectives, finance and team based role plays (based on your specific services) to generate constructive team discussion and customer focus.


We collaborate with you to customise the workshop to meet your specific needs in terms of emphasis, content and participants understanding of operational financial issues to help drive departmental and individual’s actions towards achieving desired performance and profit outcomes

Complex Sales Opportunity Management

Sales Managers know that opportunities should be managed through a sales pipeline from a pool of unwashed prospects through to won business.  The Issue is how, with confidence, you know what stage a sales opportunity is in the pipeline?


How do you validate that you are the "preferred vendor" and if the prerequisites have been met?  E3 Group provides a step by step evidence based sales process.  It provides the means to progress the sale through defined stages to successfully close deals. This will enable your sales teams, through a common language sales process, to qualify opportunities and manage competition, build stronger customer relationships to win more sales and provide more accurate forecasting.

An efficient & effective electronic template

The E3 Opportunity Assessment Plan is an effective means of managing sales opportunities.  It has the advantage over more cumbersome processes in that it is simplified and engages the Sales Manager with the sales person early in the selling process rather than relying on retrospective reviews.

Go-to-Market Strategic Planning

Business growth plans ultimately require a well developed and managed Go -to -Market plan. E3 Group has considerable expertise in this area on both pre-planning research and customisation to specific organisational situations and technology based markets.


The E3 Group Go-to-Market strategic planning workshop is closely linked with our business development consulting and includes financial analysis, internal and external environmental analysis, market segmentation, marketing and formalised planning processes to drive successful achievement of goals and objectives through key performance monitoring and measurable outcomes.

Major Account Planning

The E3 Group Major Account planning workshop enables participants to gain an increased understanding of the business needs and structure of the account. This includes building stronger relationships, value propositions and trust in the account with focus on providing a broader range of aligned solutions that address the account’s key business objectives.

Greater coverage and penetration into major accounts can be achieved, increasing your existing sales revenues as well as retaining the account from competition.



  • Stronger relationships and understanding of the account’s business, it’s objectives and structure

  • Measurable account plans with allocated actions and timeframes

  • Informed competitive differentiation and value propositions

  • More solutions aligned to the account’s business needs

  • A measurable major account coverage and penetration plan

Basic Sales Training

In collaboration with one of our Asia Pacific Telco clients we have developed a successful 2-day basic sales training workshop that provides a grounding in sales practices for organisations who have recruited new staff ranging from graduates to existing technical staff for customer facing positions such as sales trainees, internal sales or in business/retail offices.

Through training and numerous role plays participants can gain:

  • Greater confidence to engage with prospects and customers

  • Understanding of the customer buying cycle and how to qualify and progress real opportunities.

  • Knowledge of what is required for efficient and effective sales practices

  • How to manage their time, behaviours and processes to build positive sales performance.


This is a comprehensive workshop, customisable to client requirements that can be a pre-cursor to more complex sales training