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The Problems We See

In the field we hear many familiar stories and issues.  Do any of these sound familiar?

  • We need the Sales Managers to manage the sales teams better

  • We are reactive rather than proactive and seem to sell mainly on price

  • Forecast accuracy is just not there

  • Sales performance is poor, we need to change the way we do things

  • Our profitability is dependent on one or two major accounts

  • We need to develop a more profitable business strategy

  • We need better performance from our channel partners

  • How can we get this industry leading organisation to really partner with us

  • We have had sales training before but it did not work for us

  • We sell instinctively and our sales results have stalled for the first time

  • My guys are not comfortable talking to Senior Executives

  • This deal just did not go ahead after all the effort we put in


If any of these or similar issues are ringing in your ears, contact us at E3.  Getting our heads around what lies behind the real issue is the first step to developing a solution.

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